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by Anal Teens [ February 03 2015 05:05 ]

Sarı genç kızla sikiş dolu yatak odası fantazisi<iframe width="500" height="400" src="" frameborder="0">
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by Anal Teens [ January 09 2013 22:31 ]

Lesbian porn videos
Whether it’s a hot fantasy you have about her or calling her out on her bullshit, any kind of truth, big or small, will cause the sensation between you to rise.
She’ll get turned on hearing it and you’ll Hard Core Porn get turned on delivering it. Of course, it’s not as easy as giving her running commentary on everything you think about her, no matter how authentic. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that it’s all in the delivery. Blow the delivery and she’ll deflect the nugget that will bring more intimacy, and turn-on, to your relationship.
Unfortunately, to deliver the truths that will get you want you want, you have to practice. And, you have to practice on women—who don’t make it easy.
Telling the truth to a woman is kind of like Adult hard Porn walking out into the middle of traffic and hoping that one of the cars will slow down enough so you make it across. More often than not, women do not make it safe to tell the truth. They roll their eyes, ignore you, twist your words, and occasionally completely flip out.
With women wielding that intimidating stick, it’s no wonder you don’t practice and aren’t super skillful in the truth-telling department. But trust me, there’s a carrot too: if you can land a truthful comment skillfully, you land the girl. (Well, at least for the next half hour).
The other night, I was out with my guy and I started jibber jabbering about what kind of couch he should buy for our office. I even got his mother, who was sitting next to me, involved and on my side. At some point during the conversation, I realized that he wasn’t having fun anymore. I knew that I had pushed the conversation too far, and that it had nothing to do with the couch. It was about me being pushy and bratty.
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When you have sex with her, don’t expect or make it a lesbian porn
goal for her to climax. Your only goal should be to make her body feel good. She’ll feel your expectations, even if you’re wearing your best poker face.
Until she is comfortable that you’re not expecting You Porn fireworks, she won’t relax enough to get out of her head and just experience the sensation and pleasure sex can provide. On the other hand, when she feels you’re in the expectation-free zone, the pressure to perform will dissolve and she’ll want more sex. That means more frequent and pleasurable sex for you.
Your job isn’t easy. She will fight you with Porno every excuse in her arsenal. Remember to remember that she needs good sex to be the happy, loving woman she was born to be.
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About the Author: Lindsay Chrisler
LindsayChrisler a life coach that specializes in sex and relationships (because what is better than falling in love, learning how to stay in love, and having really amazing sex?). A huge part of her life is a practice that meditates on the female orgasm for 15 minutes. It rocks.

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Make Sure She Makes Time for Sex
For women, good sex isn’t about ‘your go-to move’. It’s about an environment where she feels safe enough to get out of her head and ju
For a woman, going into a state of orgasm Sex Tube is nearly the only time when she goes out of control. She hands over the steering wheel, feels her body, and stops thinking about the million other things she’s got to get done.
When she feels it, she realizes how free an orgasm makes her. She becomes much nicer and kinder.
What does this mean for men?
First, the bad news: most women don’t realize they’re Hot Adult pleasure deficient. They don’t connect the dots between their freak outs and crying jags to the fact that they haven’t been laid in a while.
Now, the good news: you can guide a woman back to her happy place by remembering that even as she’s throwing another fit aimed right at you, deep down she wants to be touched. Remember that pleasure and orgasm are on her to-do list, even when she forgets.
Start slow by giving her little reminders of how delicious the pleasure nutrient really is. Little, subtle gestures offered without expectation for reciprocation work best.
Giver he a soft kiss on the neck, a hand on the small of her back, or a foot rub at the end of the day. All of these things, no matter how inconsequential they seem to you, will remind her what pleasure is and how good it feels. As a bonus, if a woman is guarded about sex or just good at avoiding it (most women), small physical gestures will get her closer to the place where she remembers just how important sex and her orgasm are.
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